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Mattress hygiene for a good night's sleep

The Lunara Life mattress cleaning

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Interesting information about your mattress and its little inhabitants.


A mattress is usually used for up to 10 years before it is discarded. During this long period of use, many things accumulate in the mattress if it is not subjected to professional cleaning. Besides dander and dust, mites and mite droppings are not uncommon. In fact, moisture, sweat and dirt provide the perfect breeding ground for the spread of house mites, bacteria and viruses. In the long term, this can become a considerable health hazard, because movements stir up all kinds of dust and pass it through the eyes, mouth and nose into the body. Efficient countermeasures can provide a remedy here.

Mite free

Restful, healthy sleep

3 Tips against mites and mite droppings


Professional mattress cleaning

Have your mattress professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Fresh air

Fresh air kills mites, whip up the blanket and let the bedroom ventilate well.

Hot wash

Wash hot, bed linen, pajamas as well as cuddly toys or similar should always be washed at 60°C.

Advantages of professional mattress cleaning

What you can look forward to.

Individual advice

Get personalized advice from our health-conscious experts right in your own home.

State of the art cleaning

Through our novel technology, we clean your mattresses with the most modern and clean approach.

Free from chemistry

Our cleaning method is completely free of chemical substances, has an antibacterial effect and is gentle.

Mite & virus free

Enjoy your night's rest on a clean and hygienic mattress, completely free from mites, mite droppings and viruses.

Healthy sleep

Our mattress cleaning improves your sleep, promotes your health condition and provides a refreshed start to the day.

Our Lunara Life cleaning experts will give you professional and individual advice. Get back the comforting night's rest of a clean mattress now and benefit from a healthy sleep.

Mites, bacteria and viruses

How to get into the mattress?

The bed provides the optimal conditions for the habitat of mites, bacteria and viruses. They mainly populate the mattresses in addition to the pillows and comforters. A harmonious interaction of moisture, sweat and skin scales (favorite food of mites) allows them to survive and multiply. The droppings left behind by household mites, in fact, trigger allergies such as red eyes, congested sinuses, as well as sneezing - a real nightmare for house dust allergy sufferers. If the mattress is cleaned too irregularly or at too high intervals, this is already enough to bring a new brood to light. In this case, even the regular change of bed linen does not help. Therefore, a professional mattress cleaning should be carried out every year to ward off uninvited roommates in the long term and get rid of them for good.

Let our experts get your mattress back in top shape.

Book your mattress cleaning now for a new and fresh sleeping experience.

Mite droppings symptoms

Can mite droppings be hazardous to health?

Common symptoms of mite feces include sneezing, red eyes, coughing and itching on the body. Likewise, mucous membrane swelling as well as allergic asthma can be triggered by it. To get ahead of these pathogens, professional cleaning can be used so that mite droppings do not get a chance.

Free yourself or prevent: Declare war on annoying and health-endangering mite droppings! Make a personal appointment on site now and prevent efficiently.

Questions and answers

Get answers to frequently asked questions.

Why should a professional mattress cleaning be performed?

  • Prevents mites, bacteria and viruses
  • Averting allergy triggers like mite droppings
  • Effectively restricts pathogens

What are the most common symptoms of mite feces?

  • Mite droppings cause sneezing, red eyes, coughing as well as itching on the body
  • Mucosal swelling / allergic asthma may occur

How to prevent?

Through a professional mattress cleaning.

How much does a mattress cleaning cost?

A mattress cleaning costs 89,- € for a normal effort for a marriage bed.

The Lunara Life team is looking forward to meeting you.

Our Lunara Life cleaning experts will give you professional and individual advice. Get back the comforting night's rest of a clean mattress now and benefit from a healthy sleep.

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