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Straight into your dream world with our Alpina mattress.

Lunara Life ® - Mattress Alpina

The Lunara Life®-mattress Alpina is personalized with the highest quality standards and adapted to your individual needs.

Key features.


  • High uniform support force thanks to the special innovative foam core
  • Balanced and sustained pressure relief


  • The material quickly returns to its shape after load
  • High quality processing of selected materials (complies with ÖkoTex100, PK1 baby standard)

Alpina mattress is available in all standard and custom sizes.

Any size is feasible with us. We are a manufactory and make each product individually to the dimensions and ideas of the customer. Thus, all mattresses are available in all standard and custom sizes.

  • Volume weight 60 kg/m3
  • Core height incl. quilted Lunara Life cover: 23 cm

Ideal sleeping climate.

Our foam cores are interwoven with elaborate ventilation channels and are therefore particularly breathable. Our cover is made of a special silver-casmere fiber and offers snugness and an exceptionally dry sleeping climate. The natural fiber Lyocell®, derived from the raw material wood, is softer than silk, cooler than linen and more absorbent than cotton. Compared to other materials, Lyocell®-Tencel® feels much cooler when temperatures rise. The principle here is simple: the trapped moisture evaporates, cooling the skin in the process and thus ensuring an optimal skin environment.

Enjoy the comfort of the new Lunara Life ® - Alpina mattress

Experience the optimal pressure relief of a specially developed foam regardless of temperature, combined with excellent elasticity and a very fast recovery force.


Provided with zipper, the cover can be easily removed and washed up to 40 ° C in the washing machine. For the sake of people and the environment, all components are subject to the guidelines of the OekoTex Standard 100 product class 1 baby standard.

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